Profitable Sustainability, Sustainable Profit

The world is changing
at an unprecedented speed.

It is critically urgent business
catches up.

Sprinkling CSR initiatives
is no longer enough.

New financial markets demands on ESG, new consumer behaviours, new Knowledge Economy, dwindling natural resources and raw materials, climate crisis, new regulation, tech acceleration, social challenges…

Business & management MUST EVOLVE to keep on performing competitively, and unlock new growth or face irrelevance. The short term profit-only Friedmanian model as we know it is no longer fit for purpose.

Sustainability, ESG, CSR, are currently all tackling isolated and separated areas, organically, inefficiently, iteratively, and are not part of day-to-day embedded management.

This almost systematically leads to accusations of green or socialwashing, and puts company equity, goodwill and entire boards at risk.

It’s not just us
saying so,
it’s your banker,
your shareholders,
and economists.

Shareholders and banks are now demanding that these risks and opportunities are actively managed, and want to see the plan and methodical management and process.

The finance world is now evaluating companies differently, beyond the short term spreadsheet snapshot.

Top corporations are now realizing this and recognise they DO NOT have most core competencies internally, to transform efficiently, with new management models.

Sustainamics answers thoses needs.

Our purpose:
We make corporations more sustainable by turning ESG & CSR into profit centres, thanks to Data Science.

What we do:

Sustainamics8-step process
Sustainable Performance Management (SPM®)

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  • Purpose scanner
  • Rank & select focal points
  • Design new SPM® metrics
  • Measure baseline metrics
  • Design augmented P&L
  • Activate drivers & predictors
  • Measure impact, business case & plan

Purpose scanner

Measure purpose implementation

How is your purpose known, understood and implemented across your value network?

Quantify risks and opportunities associated to your business purpose, from the perspective of your stakeholders.

Rank & select focal points

Identify Opportunities & Threats

What are the insight opportunity areas that matter most and how to design for them?

Mine large data sets for significant opportunities of financial and non-financial value.

Design new SPM® metrics

Identify What & How to Measure

What are the inputs, flows and outcomes that will lead to success?

Translate opportunities into actionable leading indicators that contribute to both financial and impact targets.

Measure baseline metrics

Measure Baseline

What is the in-market evidence of our planned business model?

Use surveys and econometric modeling to quantify the business case.

Design augmented P&L

How to Account for €/$/£ impact

How does your sustainable performance management system look like?

Redesign your performance dashboards and augment your P&L around the proven drivers and predictors of impact and profit.

Activate drivers & predictors (impact + profit)

Action plan

How to optimize the portfolio of initiatives and how to best allocate resources?

Reprioritise resources to initiatives that activate the drivers and predictors.

Measure impact, business case & plan for next cycle

Review Results Define Next Plan

How to track progress and fuel future performance?

Quantify your impact, profit and business case. Monitor, learn and improve your profit and impact.

Design Change Management & embed in your processes & ways of working

A. Do you know?

  • How well everyone is adopting the transformation?
  • How integrated is SPM® to your corporate and/or BU processes and ways of working?

B. Tools

  • Prosci® Change management system
  • S&OP scanner

C. Deliverables

  • Change management plan
  • Onboarding, Executive Education and Functional training program

Design Change Management & embed in your processes & ways of working

Through the prism
of 4 forms of measurable capital:

Human capital

Social capital

Natural capital

Financial capital

Research-identified by several winners of Nobel prize in Economics and all related to the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

18 cutting-edge tools

8 steps12 months transformation process

5+ years of global in-market practice

Why you need
Sustainamics‘ SPM®

Are you looking for…

Why our SPM® works for you…

We call it

Are you looking for…

Transformation that delivers on profit… and more.

You have little time for the usual transformation consultants telling you how the market is changing, yet are stuck in generic transformation methods which simply cut costs, or “reorganise”, and aren’t addressing today’s multiple stakeholders’ expectations.

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Why our SPM® works for you…

Consulting which addresses business imperatives, while responding to society, planet, and shareholders’ demands.

Our proven models of transformation are based on leading-edge Oxford University research, successfully tested in real life, in selected top forward-looking and successful global corporations such as Unilever, Mars or Microsoft.

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We call it


Are you looking for…

Sustainable business, not just sprinkled CSR intiatives.

For you, Sustainability is as much a BUSINESS-CRITICAL NEED as it is a responsibility. Yet the current CSR and ESG offers, or R&D engineering are ill-designed to make a profit center of your Sustainability activity, and often lead to green or social washing accusations.

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Why our SPM® works for you…

Leading-edge expertise that ties you & your ecosystem’s impact to profit.

Our pragmatic, paired-down 8-step process, and robust data-based management tools are designed to activate superior profitable business sustainability, and further stakeholder impact.

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We call it


Are you looking for…

Strategy, beyond the obvious.

You don’t believe that to build an enduring strategy, analyzing past market actors’ behaviors is enough. Crunching the same old financial numbers differently seldom provide the boost in value creation you’re looking for. Nor Do we. (And actually, nor does the market).

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Why our SPM® works for you…

Analyses that deep-dive into the mechanisms of enduring value creation.

Our data-based insights come from isolating and measuring intangible forms of capital (just like your balance sheet does for brands or goodwill) within your ecosystem, predicting, and delivering superior performance and impact.

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We call it


Sustainable Performance Management
is a very new discipline.
Very few offer a true comprehensive SPM®

Who it’s for

Multinational companies or large national ones. We build on current acquired managerial methods to evolve these into SPM® ones. This requires new performance metrics, a high level of data availability and performance culture.

Who it’s not for

  • Small companies
  • NGOs

We haven’t yet developed the right processes for these. However they are a valued, integral part of the Value Network’s stakeholders, and we will be looking at these in the near future.

What we don’t do

  • Work on just Green. We look at 4 forms of capital: Human, Social, Natural and Financial capital, which can generate value and impact, in addition to the traditional forms of capital.
  • Cost-cutting exercises. While of course we do look at costs, We’re about value creation and transformation towards profitable sustainability.
  • Produce 200 slides and leave. We become an integral part of your teams and accompany you end-to-end during this operational activation.

Who we are


Guillaume Orhant

(INTJ) LinkedIn

Cédric Bachellerie

(INFP) LinkedIn

Experienced Practitioners at National/Regional/Global levels.
50 Years of combined international experience in Blue Chip FMCG Companies

Senior Transformation Leaders, as insiders and consultants.
Consulting and Educating leaders on Business strategy, Innovation management, Leadership and Organisational Development

Pioneers of Sustainable Performance Management.
Oxford Executive Education programme ‘Putting Purpose into Practice’ Case-studied, multi-country Purpose-activated Businesses

Supported by an extensive network of Academics, Management consultants, Data scientists and our Advisory board.

Industry experience:
Unilever, P&G, Reckitt, Ferrero, Kimberly-Clark, Hasbro & more…
Bupa, Reckitt, Kimberly-Clark
Oil & Gas
Plantronics, Altec Lansing, (
Toys & Licenses

Our values


Doing. Results, achieving, Walking the talk, moving the needle.


Trade-offs and decisiveness based on data.
Not perfection for the sake of it. One which absorbs undue amount of resources Vs relative benefits.
Oh we hate that. Paretto all the way, everyday.

Pragmatic Strategy

To address the current disconnect, too often seen between local operations and centralised thinking centers. Strategy is an every day burning platform, and never to be dismissed. And strategy has no other aim than to deliver actual results. Or it’s just interesting talk. And who needs more talk today? We need more Walk.


We treat stakeholders how we would like to be treated. We aim to balance conflicting views and interests fairly.


We understand and recognise the value of diversity of backgrounds, and more crucially, diversity of THOUGHT, which we actively seek for input. We are very wary of groupthink.


We look beyond us and understand the exponential value generated by teams and ecosystems, rather than reverting to unnecessary Us Vs Them attitudes, or just compete by default.

A bit of fun !!!

Whatever the pressure, we desperately try to keep a bit of perspective, and not take ourselves, as individuals, too seriously. We think it’s facile and unnecessary (and booooring).

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